We started with 16 thirsty survivors, and Mike Gibson is our champion, followed by Alex Russell and Bob Power. Thank you, everyone, for playing along and helping us raise over $400 for the club. See the elimination videos below...


Wine Survivor Poets... see more here...

Entry Period (October 6 - November 17):

We will be accepting entries from October 6 to November 17, 2023. You will need a bottle of wine (or beers) valued at $20 or more, plus a $25 entrance fee. Click HERE to enter.
Did you know David used to have a segment on CBC called Wine with Gosine? Check it out here.

Elimination Period (November 20 - December 15):

Beginning November 20th, we will begin randomly eliminating folks. Our final survivor will be chosen on December 15, 2023 during the tribal council Friday morning meeting.
The final survivor will have their pick of half the wine/beer collection. The second-place survivor will pick the next quarter of the collection, and the third-pace survivor will have the remaining quarter.
David will also be giving shoutouts to:
  • weirdest/strangest bottle
  • most interesting bottle
  • Dave's Fave
Need help? Send all questions to wine@rotaryhalifaxharbour.ca.

Bottle Collection

Please bring your bottle to the Rotary meeting on November 24th. If you are unable to bring your bottle, then please let us know, and we will arrange a pickup.


Who can enter?
This is an internal fundraiser, not open to the public. Only club members may enter.
How will survivors be eliminated?
A random draw will eliminate survivors.
How will the final survivor be chosen?
We will have some fun during the final elimination, but it will be by a random draw.
How do I pay my $25?
Your $25 entrance fee will be placed on your quarterly invoice.
How do I get my bottle of wine to the club?
Hold onto your bottle of wine for now. We will arrange the collection of wine closer to November 15.
Can I use beer to enter?
Yes, you can use beer to enter. Please aim for a combined value of $20 or more.
Where does the money go?
The money raised is used to offset the operating costs of the club. We can keep dues low by having small internal fundraisers throughout the year. See more about our dues here.
Can I enter without participating?
Yes, if you want to donate a bottle of wine but don't want to participate, you are welcome.
Can I donate non-acholic wine or beer?
Will there be tiki torches?