Please note this page is subject to change without notice. This page is for informational purposes only and official information regarding due will communicated by the club to members.
Members of the Rotary Club of Halifax Harbour pay dues to help fund the Club's operations. Club dues are not a donation, and dues are not used for any purpose other than those listed below. Club dues are paid before the start of the Rotary year on July 1st. Payment plans are available to members upon request. Club dues are not refundable. See below for details about joining the club mid-year.
Club dues are are supplemented with internal fundraising throughout the year. Additionally, three percent of after-cost external fundraising also goes towards club operations.
External fundraising and Club giving are handled separately from the Club's operations.
The Board of the Club reviews and approves the dues annually. 
As of July 2022
  • Members over 30 on July 1: $225
  • Members 30 and under on July 1: $180
If you have any questions about Club dues, please email


Club dues are the largest contributor to operational revenue.


The chart below (2022) displays an approximate breakdown of Club operational costs. Fluctuations in costs and revenue will impact the breakdown.


Rotary International - Information on Rotary International dues can be found here.

District 7815 (formally 7820) - Our Club resides within District 7815 and pays annual dues per member to the district. The district provides many local administrative services, including basic insurance.

Insurance - Given the nature of our Club's fundraising and activities, we purchase additional insurance above what is provided by the district.

Rotary Magazine - Every Rotarian is subscribed to Rotary's magazine. Every Canadian Rotarian is also subscribed to a regional Canadian Rotary magazine. The magazine is available in paper or digital format.

Club Operations - This section covers all expenses the club incurs as part of its operations that are not already listed above. Club expenses are varied, such as venue costs, administrative expenses (banking, cheques, postage), and software. 

Joining The Club Mid-year

If you join our club mid-year, your dues will be pro-rated based on the month of your official first day as a member.
For example, if you join on October 12, you will pay the pro-rated amount for October thru June.