Rotary and our Club's brand are crucial to protect. Our reputation as a world-class organization depends on protecting our brand from misuse. As Rotary puts it, "No other organization is quite like Rotary. By using our voice consistently in all our messaging, we can ensure that our communications reflect our distinct character."

Club Images and Videos

In our storytelling, the impact of images and videos is undeniable. They are key in distinguishing our message in a crowded world and adding depth to our narrative.
Rotary International offers a rich collection of images, graphics, and videos for our use. See them here.
Coming Soon: Club Images and Video Repository
We're creating a dedicated repository for our club's digital assets, including high-quality images and videos. These will soon be available to enhance our club's storytelling. Stay tuned for updates.

Rotary's Brand

For all the details, content, and rules regarding Rotary's brand, visit the Rotary Brand Center.
When to use the "simple" logo
The simple version of our logo is for uses where the Mark of Excellence (Rotary wheel) details would not be easily seen. This may be the case when the logo is scaled down. Try to use the regular logo whenever possible.
Never use a simplified version if you want to use Rotary's Mark of Excellence alone. Always download high-quality versions here.

Rotary Halifax Harbour Letterhead

We have created a letterhead template for letter writing.

Rotary Halifax Harbour Logos

The simple version of our logo should be used when its size makes it hard to see the details of the Mark of Excellence (Rotary wheel). All the logo versions below are in PNG, which is appropriate for digital use. The logo is available in JPG with a white background or in vector PDF upon request.
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Primary Logos:
Simple Logos:
Solid Colour Logos:

Anniversary Logo

During 2023 the club will also be using a special 110th-anniversary logo.
This logo has been retired. Please return to use our regular club logo above.
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