Posted by Tom Paul on May 03, 2024
Hold onto your feathers, folks! Our very own tech wizard, Brett, has outdone himself this time by snagging a Meeting Owl for our hybrid meetings. This isn't just any bird; it's the primo-supremo of meeting tech, and we're not owl-kidding! 
The Meeting Owl is about to turn our hybrid gatherings into a hoot. This all-in-one gadget—camera, speaker, and microphone—is the wise old owl of technology that even our tech gurus find a breeze to set up. Now, whether you're nesting at home or perched in the meeting room, you'll never miss a beat (or a hoot)!
Other clubs might have their gadgets, but thanks to Brett's sharp talons, we've got the Meeting Owl. It's a game changer that's sure to ruffle some feathers—in a good way! So, a big, big thank you to Brett, who’s clearly more of a night owl than we knew.
Get ready to spin your heads 360°, because our meetings are about to get a whole lot more immersive. More details will unfold at our future meetings. Until then, keep your eyes owl-dilated for updates. Hoot Hoot!
See the Owl in action here: