The Rotaract Club of Halifax is busy preparing for its annual Great Halifax Hunt, a huge scavenger hunt right along the Halifax waterfront, in support of Roll Out the Barrel.
For those who don't know, Roll out the Barrel is a non-profit that provides water barrels to low-access communities around the world. These barrels make it far easier for safe, clean drinking water to be transported from a pump to one's community. 
Of course, any scavenger hunt like this one needs prizes. That's why we are presently reaching out to numerous businesses across Halifax to assemble prizes so that our fundraiser can be as successful as possible. We wanted to take the time to reach out to your members who may be business owners or who could have prizes to donate to see if any donations are indeed possible. Please feel free to reach out to me directly at if you'd like more information or would like to discuss a possible donation. 
John Pearce
President - Rotaract Club of Halifax