Posted by Dav-Ernan Kowlessar
We are coordinating opportunities to volunteer for the Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Campaign at the Halifax Shopping Center. Dates (options are Dec 11, 18 or 19) and times have not been confirmed. If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to Dav.
Louisa Horne is modelling how to be a Kettle volunteer during last year's campaign.

Message from Salvation Army

With the Rotary Club of Halifax as a valued organization partner, we wanted to keep you in the loop regarding our upcoming Christmas Red Kettle Campaign.
Once again, we are gearing up for our Christmas Kettle Campaign that will support our mission and the community of HRM. Our goal is to make this year's campaign even more impactful than before, and your involvement would be invaluable.
We are reaching out to inquire if your organization could provide volunteer support for this year's campaign. Your participation has always added a significant boost to our efforts in the past, and we genuinely appreciate the dedication and enthusiasm this agency brings.
We believe that together, we can achieve remarkable results in our fundraising campaign and make a substantial positive impact in our community.