This morning our President Barb presented fellow member Stella Roy with her 3rd Paul Harris!

Stella is the incoming District Governor, taking on full position as District Governor come July 1st.  We are so very proud of all the work she has done with Rotary, locally and internationally and wish her the best of luck in this coming year! 

Today we had special guests John Ewoi and Philip Biwott, professional runners from Kenya.


John shared with us his incredible story about how running was his opportunity to provide a better life for himself and his community. He trained intensively, once running and winning multiple regional and national races he went on to compete internationally; Hungary, Italy, Spain etc. John does a great amount of work within his home town in Kenya, providing footware for youth runners, as well as providing training so that they can create the opportunities as John did himself. John explained that there are many good runners from Kenya, but what set him apart was his heart and his belief to be kind to others.

Please see a couple articles from the Chronicle Herald explaining how they came here and their participation in the upcoming Blue Nose Marathon!

It was a treat to hear from John and Philip. They travelled to Nova Scotia with another runner, Sarah Jebet, who just finished 2nd place in a marathon in Madrid, her time was 2:33:38, incredible! We wish them the best of luck this weekend at the Marathon!