Posted by Adrienne Malloy on Mar 01, 2024

In an update to the Club, member Adrienne shared inspiring updates on the transformative work being done at Joseph Howe School(JHS) assisted by the Club's Partners Assisting Local Schools (PALS) initiative. The Club's dedication to the school has been unwavering, with significant investments of time and resources in various programs, including an impactful food program. 

A key focus at JHS is the P-2 Literacy program, an all encompassing strategy across those grades in the last few years that is laser focused on ensuring students are at the required reading levels. Adrienne shared the current literacy achievements at the school: 87% of primary students are reading at the required level, and Grade 2 students have shown remarkable progress, improving from 57% to 69% in reading proficiency. These achievements set a hopeful backdrop for a new home reading initiative involving parents receiving PALS training and home literacy kits. This program will specifically target Grade 1 students, who currently have a 45% benchmark attainment in reading. The literacy kits, donated by the Club, contain essential tools like magnetic letters, a dry-erase magnetic board, an alphabet sorter, and guided exercises. The Club's funding, channelled through the Local Service Committee, is crucial in facilitating this promising initiative.

As PALS continues to adapt and expand its efforts, introducing a home reading program is a testament to Rotary Halifax Harbour's critical support at JHS that helps address barriers to the student's potential for academic success. By fostering a collaborative environment between schools and families, the P-2 Literacy program aims to impact students' literacy, setting them on a path to lifelong learning and success.