This morning's Guest Speaker was David Baskin of Baskin Financial Services Inc.

His presentation entitled "Climbing the Wall of Worry, and Looking Over the Top" was both fascinating and informative. He made understanding world economics a whole lot easier for us and gave some great direction on investment possibilities.

In General:

  1. The economy is looking up in Canada, the USA, Europe and Asia
  2. It is a good idea to invest both in Canada and the USA.
Good Canadian investments include:
  1. Banks
  2. Telecommunications
  3. Real Estate
  4. Large retailers such as Shoppers Drug Mart, Tim Hortons and Empire Group
Good American Investments include:
  1. Technology: Microsoft, Cisco, Apple and Google
  2. Health Care related Companies: Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, device makers and service providers

There were no guests this morning and no-one won the 50/50 draw.