That's an invitation from the proprietor of Naan & Curry and President Jillian to join them for dinner on Wednesday May 10th, at 6pm. Snazzy, eh? The event is open to Rotarians, family and non-Rotarian friends, so please do include them too. The restaurant, at 6386 Quinpool Rd, has pool tables and a foosball table in the basement. Clarke is organizing the initial batting order.

The restaurant needs us to order our main courses in advance. Please do so for your party using the following form:-
There's link in there to the full menu. If you're new to east Indian/curry it's quite normal to order a vegetarian side-dish/curry alongside a meat/fish dish. Starters, bread and rice can be ordered on the night. Order must be in by 8am Tuesday 9th. Changes or additions after that date cannot be guaranteed. However, cancelations or deletions after that date will have to be paid for.