We are Rotarians, and we are People of Action! This year we have grouped the different committees of our club into one of four "Action Teams". But what does this mean? We are using the Action Teams to organize the many things we do into distinct groupings for better clarity. One of the reasons we are doing this is to help members focus on areas of interest. For example, if you are a person who craves hands-on, on-the-ground volunteering, the "We Transform Communities" Action Team is for you! Within this Action Team, there are tons of opportunities to serve our local and international communities.
Now it's time you join an Action Team!
Take a look below and see what catches your eye. You can always join more than one action team if you want. Check out the "Help Me Decide" section below.
We Transform Communities - Jane Spurr & Godfred Chongatera
  • service grants
  • community volunteer service
  • peacebuilding
We Fund Sustainable Projects - Ashley Butt & Derek Brett
  • fundraising
  • Rotary Foundation
  • charitable trust
We Connect People - Mike Gibson & Alexandra Russell
  • membership
  • duty roster
  • Rotary programs
We Create Opportunites - Jillian Gibson, Asad Raza, Henk van Leeuwen, Thomas Paul
  • club admin
  • club image

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Whether you want to learn more or are ready to dive in, connect with one of the Action Team Leads above. Find their contact information here.


Does this mean there will only be four committees this year?
No. Action Teams are not committees; they are simply groupings of committees. We have a lot of committees that do a lot of important work. It can be a bit overwhelming for new members to join one of 30+ committees. Each Action Team has at least two leads who report to the Board the work of the committees.
I was on two committees last year that are now on two different Action Teams. Can I only be in one Action Team?
No. You can be on as many committees and Action Teams as you want.
I am not on any Action Team or committee yet. Do I have to be on one?
We are People of Action, which means more than just coming to the occasional meeting. You are not expected to spend every free movement working on Rotary, but if you can give some time, we want to find the right fit for you.
My committee needs some help. What should I do?
Reach out to your Action Team lead for help. They are there to help committees in their Action Team.
I think my committee is in the wrong Action Team. What should I do?
We are People of Action, and this means occasional change. If your committee might fit better in a different Action Team, reach out to Jillian.
Are committees from different Action Teams allowed to work together?
Absolutely, yes.

Help Me Choose

Look at the list of traits on the left and what Action Team may interest you.
  • I like hands-on opportunities. > We Transform Communities
  • I like using social media and sharing news. > We Create Opportunites
  • I want to see and spend more time with my fellow Rotarians. > We Connect People
  • I want to help increase our impact. > We Fund Sustainable Projects or We Transform Communities
  • I like meeting new people. > We Connect People
  • I like to teach and mentor. > We Connect People
  • I like working with youth. > We Connect People or We Transform Communities
  • I want people to know more about Rotary and what we do. > We Create Opportunites
  • I am a good communicator. > We Create Opportunites
  • I have experience writing grant requests. > We Transform Communities or We Fund Sustainable Projects
  • I like taking pictures. > We Create Opportunites
  • I like planning and running events. > We Fund Sustainable Projects or We Create Opportunites
  • I know people who would be great speakers. > We Connect People
  • I think people may be interested in giving to our club and causes. > We Fund Sustainable Projects
  • I am organized. > We Create Opportunites
  • I am good at taking notes. > We Connect People
  • I want to grow our membership. > We Connect People
  • I am excited about our club being a Peacebuilding Club. > We Transform Communities
  • I am interested in the Rotary Foundation. > We Fund Sustainable Projects
  • I have work(ed) for a charity. > We Fund Sustainable Projects
  • I was in a Rotaract club. > We Connect People
  • I was in an Interact club. > We Connect People
  • I attended a Rotary Youth Exchange. > We Connect People

Action Team Presentations

Members can view the presentation for all the Action teams here: