Posted by Tom Paul on May 03, 2024
Are you tired of missing out on Rotary events because you forgot to check the calendar? Worry no more! Rotary Halifax Harbour is thrilled to introduce Rotary Ping, our brand-new automated reminder system that’s here to save your social life—or at least your Rotary life.
Seamless Integration and User-Friendly
Forget about frantically searching through old emails for event details. Rotary Ping seamlessly integrates with our club calendar and sends reminders straight to your email and phone. Sign-up is as easy as pie (and just as satisfying), allowing you to manage your alerts and choose how you receive your reminders—because we all know that one size does not fit all!
Reliable and Wallet-Friendly
Thanks to Google for Nonprofits, Rotary Ping delivers all this without denting your wallet. And with Twilio, our text message powerhouse, we promise to keep you in the loop without breaking the bank. Just think of us as your personal assistant, minus the coffee runs.
Stay Informed with a Smile
With Rotary Ping, you’ll never again have to suffer the embarrassment of missing an important meeting or, worse, a Rotary social. Stay ahead of the game and always be the first to RSVP ‘yes’ to our events. And let’s be honest, being punctual and prepared never goes out of style.
Feedback Makes Us Better
We’re committed to making Rotary Ping the best it can be, and your feedback is crucial. Think of it as your chance to tell us what you really think, and we promise not to hold a grudge. Help us help you stay connected in the most enjoyable way possible.
Join the Fun—Sign Up for Rotary Ping!
Joining Rotary Ping is like clicking the ‘easy’ button for your Rotary life. Sign up today to boost your engagement, keep your calendar in check, and add a bit of zest to your Rotary interactions.
Learn more and sign-up HERE.