At our Friday morning breakfast meeting, we take the time to introduce and recognize Rotary Clubs from around the world. 

This week we recognize the Rotaract Club of Kabale Institute of Health Sciences. Located in Southwestern Uganda, Kabale is a small city about the size of Thuro. What is interesting about Kabale is how they have one Rotary club but four Rotaract clubs. Rotaract clubs in Kabale are People of Action.
The club is very involved in maternal and child health by supporting a clinic. This clinic is paid for by the Rotary Club, but run by the Rotaract club. Halifax Harbour member Alex Handyside was part of a program in a community near Kabale handing out reusable sanitary napkins, and it was nurses and doctors of the Rotaract club that provided the education.
Please join us in toasting the Rotaract Club of Kabale Institute of Health Sciences! Thank you, Alex, for this toast.
You can see their Facebook page here: