Our fellow member Stella Roy, District Governor Elect and Chair of the International Committee, provided an update on what the International Committee has been working on this past year.  On another note, Stella just returned from a trip to Nigeria to administer Polio vaccines, that story is to come at a later date! 



Thanks to the Rotary Foundation, when a club donates funds to a qualifying recipient/organization, the funds can be matched by the District as well as Rotary International, therefore original donations are often tripled!  

During the 2012/13 Year, the International Committee has supported the following:


 Logan McGillivary CD Peace    $100 
 Sierra Leone Teacher   $1000
 Dominican Republic Batte   $1500
 Themba Project   $3000 
 Shelter Box   $1000 
 Group Study Exchange Inbound Metro    $100 
 Cameroon - Pete Smith    $500 
 Total Givings 2012/13   $7200 

During the 2013/14 Year, the International Committee has/planning to support the following:

 Sierra Leone (Donation 3/3)    $1000 
 Nepal Water Project   $2500
 Dominican Republic Batte    $500 
 Shelterbox   $1000 
 Themba Project   $3000 
 Sundry   $1000
 Father Tony Pa Modua - Solar Hub   $2500
 Water Project Kenya   $3500 
 St. Catherine's Hospice UK   2500GBP