Veronica joined the Rotary Club of Halifax Harbour two years after immigrating to Canada from Ghana in 2019.

“Joining Rotary was a big deal for me. During one of Rotary’s social gatherings, my inspiration to join, be involved, and commit was heightened. I was convinced that Rotary would provide me with the platform to offer humanitarian services to communities with like-minded people.”

Veronica adds, “being in Canada by myself, Rotary gives me a sense of community to help with my settling process. The Halifax Harbour Club is very welcoming, which makes me, a woman of color, feel comfortable in the Club. Ultimately, Rotary is helping me to network with other professionals.”

As a lawyer, Veronica is passionate about advising businesses to respect human rights and the environment in the course of their business operations to maintain a business reputation that attracts investors.
She is also a formidable tennis player and won the 2023 Waegwoltic Masters tournament -women’s singles category - at her first participation in Halifax!
According to Veronica, the community and networking piece of Rotary is working for her, and she hopes the Rotary Club of Halifax Harbour continues to support newcomers to Canada. She emphasizes that “our Club should make a conscious effort to open the door to more newcomers, get more newcomers to join the Club, help them settle, and contribute to diversity in the Club.”