Nick Kasteljanov first joined Rotary in the Annapolis Valley in 2004, and several years ago made the switch to our Halifax Harbour Club when he moved to Halifax. 
Nick is an I.T. professional and I.T. consultant, specializing in systems administration and remote and cloud-based services. He was community-oriented before immigrating to Canada: Nick delivered 120 recycled computers to schools where he lived in the former Yugoslavia.
He’s also passionate about music and DJ’ing!  “DJ Nico” has a special interest in ‘80s and ‘90s music and performs at parties and other events.
Nick says Rotary really helped him feel like he belonged in Canada. “Sometimes as immigrants, we hold the perception that someone we’re not good enough. When I was reading about Rotary, and people’s profiles, I was thinking ‘wow, am I good enough? I almost don’t believe it.’  It’s an adjustment. It’s such an honour to be invited to be part of a Rotary club. It made me feel welcome. People wanted to say ‘hi’ and chat with me.”
As a member of the Rotary Club of Halifax Harbour, Nick likes being involved in our fundraisers like Ribfest. “Ribfest is huge. I was really impressed. A big machine, with so many people involved. And it runs like a Swiss clock.”
He also appreciates the dynamic and energy of our club, and was drawn to its diversity. “I realized that there are immigrants, that there is an equal number of men and women. The demographic is fantastic. People from different backgrounds, businesses, so many different fields. Rotary is a combination of community projects and getting to hang with some interesting people.”
Nick thinks of Rotary’s principles in his work. “Is this really beneficial to all? Is it fair? I try to keep that in my life. Rotary is life. I will always have Rotary in my life.”