Meet Alida Campbell, who has been involved with Rotary for 19 years. In the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing you to Halifax Harbour Rotarians like Alida. She first became involved as a youth exchange student in 2005, when she went to Germany.



“I’ve been hooked ever since. I knew Rotary was going to be my way to give back. I stay a Rotarian because I like meeting a lot of people I otherwise would not be able to meet. It’s neat that I can develop relationships with people from all different backgrounds and professions.

“The youth exchange program allowed me to do a deep dive and experience another culture, while also experiencing other cultures. When I was in Germany, I met other students from Brazil, Argentina, Finland. I still have good friendships with people in Finland and Nepal. The program opens doors and creates a sense that we are all human. We are much more similar than dissimilar.”

“Rotary gives me a network. It gives me friendship. It gives me people I can call on. It gives me a sense of community, and a sense of hope and pride for my community, and I get to be involved and see the work our club is doing to make improvements in our community.

“The Halifax Harbour Rotary Club is motivated. It’s motivated to improve itself as a cluband to improve our community. I think our Club is good for anyone because you can jump in the deep end and commit so many hours per week, or, you can spend an afternoon delivering groceries. It’s up to you. There are so many ways to get involved.”

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