Today we were visited by retired Rotarian Robert "Lanc" Lancashire and his fellow Navy Retiree Jim Bishop. Together they presented history and information about the HMCS Sackville, Canada's Naval Memorial.

This Canadian Naval Memorial is in fact the ‘Soul’ of the Navy. That ‘Soul’ was shaped and imparted to Sackville and to the Navy by the leadership, spirit and actions of men like Alan Easton, her very successful early captain, and the ship’s companies that they led.


HMCS Sackville is the last of Canada’s 123 corvettes, one of many convoy escort vessels built in Canada and the United Kingdom during WW II. She is Canada’s oldest fighting warship and has been our official Naval Memorial since 1985. It is very appropriate that the ship is in Halifax, Nova Scotia, as this “East Coast Port” was an important assembly point and destination for convoys during the Battle of the Atlantic.

Thank you, gentlemen, for reminding us about an important part of our Canadian History!