Today we had a great business meeting.  We heard reports from the District conference and news on a very busy June to come.  Tripta kept us informed on St. Pats and there was a ton of Happy Bucks to go around.  After last week's 50/50 win it sits at only $25 today.



Rotary Minute:

From Rotarian Eddy Cantor. The message was to keep your dreams alive and to never discourage another from theirs. It is because of the dream of one person that 1000’s of children have survived polio.


Happy Bucks:

Lanc took care of this as usual. Here they are:

·        Ian: Happy because he was leaving the meeting early to attend a Peace Conference at a local school. This was being held in memory of the first Canadian soldier to die in Afghanistan, Capt. Nichola Goddard.

·        Louisa: Had a great time at the District Conference in St Johns. Enjoyed the social time, Rally in the Alley. Teams of Rotarians invaded downtown St Johns and entered various pubs to enjoy such cultural activities as Being Screeched In, Learning to Step Dance, Sing Along with the Band, eating Fish ‘n Chips and Dancing the night away. A great time was had by all! She also accepted the Presidential Citation, with Distinction, on behalf of Val Bobyck. Congratulations Val!

·        Paul Roy: Thanks to Stella and Murray for all their help with the new club in Sackville. There has been one more member recently to add to their numbers.

·        Murray: Also had a wonderful time at the Conference. Enjoyed the speakers and entertainment, and lunch with his granddaughter! He also enjoyed the NL Youth Choir, just back from a trip to China. They are a fine choir and were enjoyed by all present.

·        Scott Peacock: Paid a fine for being in the media, AGAIN!

·        Val: Had a wonderful time in Florida with her sister. When they were at the mall, 3 different sets of NS residents recognized Val and said hello. The poor woman can’t go anywhere without being mobbed!

·        Stella: Will be running the 4K with the children at Joseph Howe school at Kids Fest and is really looking forward to it.

·        Paul Radford: Spoke about a program called “Home for Everyone”, organized by Domus Realty. They have recently made a donation to Laing House, but are looking for an identifiable program to help homelessness in the area.

·        Paul Roy: He is thrilled as he will soon be a grandfather. Congratulations to Paul!







·        Tripta: Showed us the plaque from the Reading Challenge with the winning names engraved on it. We have been part of this for 4 years now.

·        Lanc: Welcomed our guest Katherine Corrigan again. She is thinking about joining us.

·        Stella: She spoke about three things from the Conference:

o       The presentation by Mike McGovern at the Conference. Mike’s focus was on the 5 Core Values of Rotary: Diversity, Integrity, Leadership, Service and Fellowship. She clearly was moved and motivated by Mike’s words.

o       The story of Jeff Eaton. Jeff has survived leukemia twice and has gone on to marry and have a family despite the odds against him. His message was that a 1% chance however low, is not 0% and to always continue to live your dreams no matter what.

o       The adventures of TA Loeffler. She tried to climb Mt Everest twice, but has not succeeded yet. However, she continues to push herself to the limit and was appreciative of support from family and loved ones. Maybe one of these days she’ll make it!

·        The Youth Exchange Group made a presentation at the Conference and fascinated everyone by using Google Earth to literally show their own front door, all the way across the world. Gonzales was also involved in the presentation and did a wonderful job.

·        Our project in the Dominican received a citation. Way to go!

·        The Tucker family has had such a positive experience with Gonzales and the Youth Exchange Program that they have decided to host the next student coming along. Thank you Tucker family!

·        Louisa reported that the Interact Club at Oxford Street school is coming along nicely. A meeting will be held next week to further the implementation of this group. Thank you, Louisa, for your work on this one!

·        The Old and New Boards will meet at Adrienne’s office on Wednesday, May 25 at 5:45 PM.

·        A social BBQ for our members will be held on Sunday, June 26th, most likely at Louisa’s place. More details to follow.

·        There is an invitation from the Halifax Club to attend their breakfast meeting in Thursday, May 26th at 7:15 AM at RA Park. Special speaker will be NS Premiere Darrell Dexter. Please contact Murray by this Monday if you wish to attend.

·        The 50/50 draw had a grand total of $25.50 in the pot today. Tripta’s ticket won a chance at it but she did not draw the Ace. L


Our usual toast to Rotary Around the World was held and the meeting ended.