Another fun morning at Harbourside - we were delighted to have 29 people present including seven guests.  The Tuckers and Natalia were our special guests, along with friends of Erin, Clarke and Evelina.  Two of the guests were "repeats" so we must be doing something right.  We had to add chairs which is a great problem to have.
Val got us off to a great start with the "O" for the anthem and the Rotary
Minute - the "elevator speech" Rotary Minutes are fun to hear. Scott chaired the meeting.

Lots of people were happy and willing to pay for the privilege of sharing a few tidbits - several commented on the fun that was had over Trivial Pursuit at Games Night last weekend - a repeat was requested!  A few others had comments about the snow - Gerry told of some trials and tribulations associated with his snow blower while Murray gloated about living in an apartment and not needing one anymore!  Paul Radford spoke about the challenges of snow days on families with two working parents. Donna, one of our guests who is a former Principal, commented on how tough it is to make the decision to close schools.... who would want that job?  You can't win!   Erin had a great time last week with the Security Meetings at the Westin - she was thrilled to accompany a few US Senators around - what fun for a political science junkie.
There were a few reminders - Christmas party on Friday, December 9th - RSVP to Kathleen as we are doing a fun toy exchange.  The toy you bring has to symbolize another member who will be there and we will guess who it is... for example, if you had Paul Roy, you might bring a toy boat.  The toys will all be donated to Family Services and Val will make sure they all end up under a tree. 
Interact at Oxford School meets on Tuesday - come along! 
There will be a Membership Event in January - start thinking about who to invite. 
Next week is our AGM - Val will be contacting everyone re nominations.
We are seeking member photographs for our site - please send them along to Louisa - remember the criteria?  Wear a pin, have a Four-Way Test or Declaration of Rotarians in Business visible, and have some symbol of your profession - check out Stella's photo for a sample!
Natalia, our Youth Exchange student from Brazil, was our speaker.  She gave a great presentation on Brazil and it was fun to see photos of her family, school, city and other highlights of Brazil.  She is a wonderful student to have with us and she is enjoying living with the Tuckers.  All members are encouraged to include her in any special events that would be fun for her.
Sadly, Ian was not successful with the 50-50 draw... the pot grows again.  After toasting Rotary Around the World, we ventured out into the cold again.