Posted by Tom Paul on Jan 05, 2024
We're excited to announce that we're trialling two innovative AI features on Zoom during our Friday morning meetings and Board sessions. These tools promise to make our online gatherings more accessible, interactive, and efficient.

These features will be turned on for Friday morning meetings no sooner than January 19th.
Meeting Summary with AI Companion: This feature uses advanced AI technology to generate concise summaries of our meetings. Initially, these summaries will be accessible to our Zoom admins, and we're looking forward to potentially sharing them with all participants in the future. This is a significant step forward for our Public Image team, enabling us to easily capture and disseminate key information from our meetings. Currently, we don't receive many written updates from members, so we have to rewatch most meetings to harvest information. Learn more here.
Asking in-meeting questions with the AI Companion: Ever missed a part of the meeting or needed a quick catch-up? This AI Companion feature is here to help. It allows you to ask questions like “Catch me up”, “Was my name mentioned?”, or “What are the action items?” without interrupting the ongoing meeting. The AI searches the transcript and provides you with the information you need, seamlessly integrating into our meeting experience. Learn more here.
When these features are active, you will be alerted when joining a meeting.
We understand that some members may have concerns regarding AI technology. Our club retains full ownership of our content, and nothing from our account is being used to teach AI models without our knowledge.

We believe these AI tools will significantly enhance our meeting experience by making content more accessible and interactive. If you're part of a committee interested in trying out these features, please reach out to Thomas Paul.

We're eager to receive your feedback on these trials, and based on your response, we plan to make these features a permanent part of our Zoom meetings. Let's embrace these advancements and continue to make our meetings productive and enjoyable.