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Have you ever been on a project or committee without understanding its purpose? Were you the only one who was a bit lost? Chances are, if you were lost, so were others.

In this episode, we discuss three foundational assets to consider when starting your next project: project charters, team charters, and scope statements. 

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More About This Episode

In a 2015 Project Management Institute study of why projects failed, respondents felt:

  • inaccurate requirements gathering contributed to 38% of project failures
  • changes in project objectives contributed to 35% of project failures
  • inadequate vision or goal for the project contributed to 30% of project failures. 

In this episode, we discuss beating the odds and setting our projects up for success! We talk about how folks should remember not to focus on what these assets or documents are called. Instead, think about how they could help your projects.

We explore project charters, team charters, and scope statements. We talk about the purpose of each document, how they are created, and how they can supercharge your projects.

Project Charter

A project charter is a document the project sponsor initiates with input from stakeholders, subject manager experts, and project team members. It outlines high-level points of the project, such as:
  • purpose, scope, outcomes
  • schedule and milestones
  • risks
  • budget
  • key stakeholders
  • definition of done
  • who has final sign-off
  • project roles
Regardless of the suggested things to include, you should only have what is needed to start the project. It is a guide, not a detailed road map.

Team Charter

Created by the project team, the team charter outlines how the project team will work together. Come common things included in a team charter include:
  • when, where, and how team members will meet
  • how the team will communicate with each other and the stakeholders
  • conflict resolution strategies (how will a decision be made if there is disagreement)
Letting team members craft the team charter together will develop a better team environment and project buy-in. The team charter can also be amended by the team as needed.

Scope Statement

The project team develops a scope statement and expands on the project charter. It outlines the actual outcomes and other items including:
  • deliverables
  • constraints
  • assumptions
  • risks
  • what is not in scope (what the project is not doing)
The scope statement is a living document that evolves over the course of the project.

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About Our Host

Thomas Paul is a member of the Rotary Club of Halifax Harbour in Halifax, a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), a certified Disciplined Agile Scrum Master (DASM), and a member of the Project Management Institute. Thomas is passionate about giving back to his community through volunteering and projects.

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