Posted by Tom Paul on Apr 19, 2024

We understand that it's easy to forget routine tasks amidst our busy schedules. That's why we're excited to introduce a trial program designed to simplify how you manage your Friday morning breakfast orders.

Previously, you may remember receiving weekly emails every Tuesday to remind you to place your breakfast orders by Thursday noon. However, this led to an excessive number of emails in your inbox. This year, we've empowered you to self-manage your orders, but we know that sometimes life can get in the way.


To address this, our new program allows you to instantly sign up for email and optional text reminders. If successful, we plan to expand this service to include general meeting reminders and quick alerts about last-minute changes.

This is a trial, so we're keen to iron out any kinks with your help. Your feedback will be invaluable as we optimize the system. To sign up, all you need is your ClubRunner password. You can register for automatic alerts HERE.

In the spirit of transparency, we're leveraging our existing Google for Nonprofits resources and some coding magic, allowing us to run this system at no additional cost.

We look forward to making club communications more efficient and tailored to your needs!