Today's Guest Speaker was Bernie Smith, formerly the Director of both the Spring Garden Area Business Association and the North End Business Association.

Bernie was fascinating to listen to and shared with us his passion for this city and the downtown area. A city must have a heart in order to be successful. Not only to businesses need to do well and prosper, but so do the people.

During his years with the Spring Garden Area Business Association, Bernie proved that he had a heart and cared very deeply about our community and all those who live within it. In this Chronicle Herald Article from 2009 you can Read More about his time with this organization.

A proponent of encouraging more of our development to take place within the inner core of our city, Bernard wrote this article in the Herald; Cost of Urban Sprawl: $960m over Next 18 Years, a great read to be sure.

Seen here with Rotarians Peter Skakum and Eric Mourand, Bernie accepts our Rotary Mug to say thanks for joining us today.