Today our guess was Colin Mason who talked to us about how people are managing all of the new media and how the tradional media are affected.  We also heard from Adrienne about the Mom's Day Brunch and some taks were assigned.


Today our guest was Colin Mason who was in to speak with us about print advertising and what he does for the Chamber’s Business voice.


            We had quite a few happy bucks today.  Stella was happy because she attended Kidsfest this past week and she said it was awesome!  Ken was happy as he saw Jane Goodell speak this week and loved it.  Scott was happy because his wife came back from Florida and Evelina was happy that she will soon be going to LA.


 Murray was in New Brunswick this past week and received a very nice banner.  He encouraged others in the club to go to other clubs when travelling.


            Bonnie wanted Adrienne to know that she worked every day this week.

Peter wanted everyone to know that on April 28th CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers) are hosting ‘The Telephone Lady” at the future Inn.  Tickets are $40.


We then heard from Adrienne about our upcoming brunch.  We need to sell as many tickets as we can!  We also need auction items, this is very important.  We have a few volunteers who are going to approach some restaurants and she assigned some members of the club to speak at the other Rotary clubs in the area.


We then heard from our speaker, Colin Mason.  Colin has been working in marketing/advertising for over 25 years.  He works for the Chamber’s business voice.  The first thing he told us is that it is important that he knows his audience.


Recently they performed a study that asks people in the workplace what business publication in Halifax they read.  The Business Voice came out on top.  The highest percentage of people that read the Business voice are in senior management and the gender balance is 57% male, 43% female. 


One of the key questions they wanted to answer with the survey was “How are people managing all the new media and how is the traditional media being affected?  What is interesting is that the use of media has increased in the last 10 years.  The total media time has increased by 3 hours per person in the last 10 years.  And Colin said that a key misconception is that print is a dying media.  There are still a lot of people out there that do read newspapers and magazines.


The conclusion according to Colin is that we are not replacing old media, we are integrating it into our existing media.  There are lots of options for people who want to advertise.


The 50/50 didn’t go, we only have 9 cards left!