Posted by Godfred Chongatera on Oct 13, 2023
It's hard to believe, but we are already one-quarter of the way into our Rotary Year! Our club is so diverse, and members contribute in so many ways that it's easy to get lost in everything our club does.
President Godfred Chongatera sat down with Secretary Thomas Paul to discuss what our club has been up to in the last three months and what to expect over the next nine.


00:00 - Welcome and introduction
01:10 - What has happened in the first three months
02:20 - Godfred's highlights in the first three months
04:29 - RibFest update
05:50 - Our giving budget for 2023/24
08:20 - Update on our strategic plan
09:00 - Club assembly
11:00 - Club AGM and Board elections
13:30 - Fundraising
17:45 - Environmental project
19:40 - Mental health
21:50 - How to connect with the club
22:40 - Where can members see the budget
23:20 - Where to send potential new members
24:35 - Thank you