Posted by Adrienne Malloy on Feb 23, 2024
Today marks Rotary's 119th anniversary! If you want to honour our global Rotary history and help us do more good in the world, please consider giving to the Rotary Foundation or the Rotary Club of Halifax Charitable Trust. A donation to either is tax deductible. But what is the difference between the two?
Supporting the Rotary Foundation:
Contributing to the Rotary Foundation means supporting one of the world's most esteemed charities. Your donation can support a variety of funds and initiatives, including endowments, with each contribution being tax-deductible in Canada. Depending on your chosen fund, your donation may be invested for three years before it's used, or it may immediately support specific causes. Funds are allocated through a grant application process, including District grants which utilize donations from district members after three years. For select funds, donors receive Paul Harris Recognition points, where each US dollar donated equals one point. Accumulating 1000 points grants the donor the title of a Paul Harris Fellow, with further recognition levels available for higher or more frequent contributions. For more information or to make a donation, visit Rotary Foundation.
Donating to the Rotary Club of Halifax Charitable Trust:
Donating to the Rotary Club of Halifax Charitable Trust supports our dedicated charity, independently managed by Rotarian Trustees. All contributions are tax-deductible in Canada. Donations are allocated to club projects as requested by the Club Board, with specific project requests not accepted directly from Club Members. The Trust operates within CRA guidelines, limiting the projects and causes it can support. Donations are currently welcomed via eTransfer and cheque. For details and to give, please contact Interim Trust Secretary, Adrienne Malloy.
Important Note: When sending an eTransfer, ensure it's directed to the correct email address provided by the Trust, not the Club, to avoid any misdirection of your donation.