Posted by Godfred Chongatera on Apr 01, 2024
On April 1st, both our club members and social media followers were greeted with an unexpected revelation. Without prior notice, it appeared that our club had undergone a name change to the Rotary Club of Armdale, complete with a congratulatory video from the Mayor of Halifax. Naturally, this was an April Fools' prank, cleverly devised to shine a spotlight on the remarkable endeavours we undertake, showcasing that our actions define us more than any name ever could.
We owe Mayor Mike Savage a big thank you for playing along. He is an avid supporter of our Club and Rotary. You can see our posts on Facebook and LinkedIn. Below is the video from the mayor and the follow-up email from President Godfred:
Dear Rotary Halifax Harbour Members,
In the light-hearted spirit of April Fools' Day, we took a moment to imagine a world where we were known as the Rotary Club of Armdale. Gotcha! 😄 While it was all in good fun, it's clear that our essence and name remain steadfastly the Rotary Club of Halifax Harbour.
Thank you to Halifax Mayor and Paul Harris Fellow Mike Savage for playing along. He is a steadfast supporter of Rotary and our community.
Amid the chuckles and smiles, let's not forget the incredible work we do. Here's a brief glimpse of the initiatives that continue to define us:
  • Global Impact: Our efforts stretch far and wide, from delivering clean water solutions to combating global diseases. Our commitment to making a tangible difference knows no bounds.
  • Literacy Programs: Believing firmly in the power of education, we are dedicated to providing resources and support that enable learning and growth for all.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Our planet's health is a top priority. We're taking action to ensure a greener tomorrow through tree planting, beach clean-ups, and recycling initiatives.
  • Community Support: Our hands-on approach to community service, from supporting local food banks to neighbourhood clean-ups, is what brings us together.
  • Youth Empowerment: Investing in the future means empowering today's youth. Through scholarships and leadership programs, we're nurturing tomorrow's leaders.
While our name remains unchanged, our mission and commitment to service continue to grow and evolve. The spirit of action, camaraderie, and impact that defines us will only burn brighter as we move forward.
Thank you for joining in the April Fools' Day fun and, more importantly, for your continued dedication and service. Here's to many more years of making a difference together.
Thank you to those who liked, shared and commented on our social media posts. This is about building awareness of the work we do. We have shared a gotcha post you can share, like, and comment on.
With warm regards and a shared smile for today's jest,
President, the REAL Rotary Club of Halifax Harbour