The Rotary Club of Halifax Harbour is a new club brought about by the merger of the former Rotary Clubs of Halifax and Halifax Harbourside on July 1, 2021. This is the first strategic plan for the new club. 

Rotary International (RI) developed an Action Plan in 2022 which the Rotary Club of Halifax Harbour (RCHH) has used as a basis for development of this plan. The RI and the RCHH plans embrace 4 priorities:

  • Increase our impact.

  • Expand our reach.

  • Enhance participant engagement.

  • Increase our ability to adapt.

Priority #1 – Increase our impact.

Together, Rotarians see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change across the globe, in communities, and in themselves. 

Rotary believes that people of action are effective problem-solvers, and that’s why Rotarians achieve so much. Rotarians invest in relationships and make decisions grounded in evidence. Rotarians know how to mobilize networks to create solutions that last, and always learn from experiences in projects, clubs, and careers.

Priority #2 - Expand our reach.

People of action activate and inspire others, giving them hope that the world can change for the better, and that they can be part of that change. Rotary knows that there are many people seeking both a greater sense of purpose and the kind of person-to-person involvement the digital realm can't provide. Rotary has what it takes to be their first choice.

Priority #3 - Enhance participant engagement.

People of action strive to understand the needs of others. Rotary is a great organization because meaningful relationships are created across decades and continents. But just like the people and communities served by Rotary; participants need to feel seen and heard.

Priority #4 - Increase our ability to adapt.

People of action are inventive, entrepreneurial, and resilient. Rotary knows what it stands for and why it matters. Rotarians are driven by a sense of optimism - a belief that Rotary is and will continue to be essential to communities, to the world, and to humanity.
The RCHH plan has taken into consideration the recommendations set out by RI to make these 4 priorities our own and adapt them to the culture and circumstances related to our club. This plan describes the club’s objectives under each of the 4 priorities.