It is not often that this much activity can take place on a Friday morning before 8:30 a.m.!  We had a very full agenda and a lot of fun at the same time.  The meeting started in the usual way, Barb gave us a perfect “O” to start the anthem and Lanc, as Sargeant at Arms, shared a Rotary Minute about our District Governor’s role in dropping the puck at a hockey game to raise money for Polio, the story made the Rotarian Magazine.

This was a fitting story today as Harbourside was pleased to welcome the District Governor and his wife on their annual visit.  We also welcomed two other guests, a colleague of Clarke’s and a former Rotarian from Nepal.  They picked a great day to check us out, it was a busy meeting!  The usual wonderful breakfast buffet was enjoyed by all and Lanc earned a few Happy Bucks for the Club, among other tidbits, we heard about the great RLI event in Truro the previous weekend attended by five Club members and the fun launch at the Interact Club this week.

DG Bob Moffatt had joined us the previous day at our Interact Pizza Party and again at a Board gathering the evening before and it was great to have him join us for breakfast.  The DG shared some inspiring words about RI and the value of participating in international initiatives, especially Polio Plus... we are “this” close!  DG Bob put a smile on Paul Roy’s face when Paul was surprised with an award as a True Rotarian, Paul has been a driving force behind the launch of the new Sackville Club and is a deserving recipient of the TR Award.  Stella was quick to give the first kiss to the new awardee... no one else followed in her footsteps, much to Paul’s relief!  Then on to the “Pretty High Falutin” stuff, the PHFs, Paul Harris Fellows.  Adrienne was honoured by the Club and Tripta, Clarke and Louisa also received the recognition.  Then on to the DRBs ... Declarations of Rotarians of Business were presented to all members present by the DG, these statements are excellent words to do business by and hopefully they are now on display on walls across the City.  Then, if that wasn’t enough, we welcomed two new members!  Louisa lead the induction and the DG pinned these new Rotarians.  Erin was introduced through Clarke and we are delighted to have this energetic medical student join us.  Stella is Erin’s mentor.  Donna came to Harbourside through a connection with Barb and we look forward to her active participation in Harbourside.  Evelina offered to serve as Donna’s mentor, we appreciate all of these great Rotarians for introducing new members and supporting them as they learn about the organization.

As is our new custom at Business Meetings, we had two members do an impersonation of each other.  Adrienne did a great job “being Bonnie” and then Bonnie raised the bar by offering a wonderful poem about Adrienne’s life.  What a talented bunch!  Louisa reminded everyone about the Potlucks for Polio coming up.  Then, after all of that, Bonnie lead an elimination card game to select the winner of a bottle of wine, Murray won as he had the joker!  Hmmm... was that supposed to happen that way?  We ended with the 50-50 draw which, sadly, Gerry did not win... and as always, toasted Rotary around the World!  That was one busy hour.  Can’t wait til next week!