Today was another fantastic day in Rotary.  Lots of Happy Bucks, two awesome guest speakers, and a great song.  Tatiana Clarke, a student at Joseph A. MacKay school was in to sing us a song that she wrote and won an award for.  It was a very moving performance.


June 3rd, 2011


Today was a fantastic day in Rotary.  Lots of Happy Bucks, two awesome guest speakers, and a great song.


We had a few visiting Rotarians, Wayne Lawrence from Cornwall and Ron Toyota from Crescent Beach, BC.  Tamara Lorincz was also visiting; she is going to apply for the Rotary Peace Scholarship.


Paul Radford was on T.V last week so he was fined.  Paul Bethel’s wife hasn’t had her baby yet but I don’t think he was fined for this.  Paul Roy was happy because he was at the ‘Get to Know Rotary’ event and said it was great.  Bonnie through in a few dollars and announce that she is taking a leave of absence next year to take her Masters (from the School, not Rotary, whew!).  Andrew threw in a fine to announce that he is starting a new business and Ken was also fined for announcing that his 96.5 was voted the #1 radio station in Metro.


We were then educated and entertained by our guest speakers, Laura King and Tatiana Clarke from Joseph A. MacKay School.  Laura is a teacher and a literacy coach and Tatiana is a student there.  Joseph A. MacKay has been in Halifax for a long time, it has survived the Halifax explosion.  The kids there are exciting, creative, and passionate. 


The cuts have affected Joseph A. MacKay in a big way.  There is much this school is lacking.  Right now Joseph A. MacKay has a breakfast program that serves 40 students every day.


The school is in need of a reading club and a homework club.  The students need volunteers to read and to do math problems with them.  They need tennis balls, basketballs, a projector screen, chalk.  They need some very basic needs and need people to spend time with the children.  Karen gave us a lot to think about, some schools are obviously hit harder from budget cuts then others.


We were then treated to a song by our second guest, Tatiana Clarke.  Tatiana just recently won the Council of African Canadian Education Provincial Challenge Contest.  She did this by writing and singing a song ‘Black Nova Scotian’.  Tatiana sang this song for us at the meeting.  It was amazing.