Dr Linda Liebenberg, from the Resilience Research Centre was our Special Guest Speaker today.

Linda was a fascinating speaker to be sure, and has done years of research on the resilience of youth when under excessive stress in their lives, from the perspective of multiple situations and cultures around the world. She is presently with the Resilience Research Centre, here in Halifax.

The Resilience Research Centre (RRC) brings together leaders in the field of resilience research from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds. Partners across six continents employ methodologically diverse approaches to the study of how children, youth, and families cope with many different kinds of adversity. Read more...

In the presence of significant adversity, resilience is the capacity of individuals to navigate their way to the psychological, social, cultural and physical resources that sustain their well-being, and their capacity to individually and collectively negotiate for these resources to be provided in culturally meaningful ways.

Linda was able to remind us that it indeed takes a Community to Raise a Child.

Seen here, Linda chats with Rotarians about her amazing work.