Do you like raising money for The Foundation Polio Fund? (I know you do!)
Do you like a bit of friendly rivalry? ( I think you do!)
Do you like football? -even if you call it soccer? 😊
The RC Preston Guild has run a private fantasy football league for many years , and as the English Premier League is about to start NOW is the chance for you to join the fun!
How does it work?
  1. You register with the Daily Telegraph Fantasy Football league at Telegraph Fantasy Football Premier League which is free.
  2. Pick a team – make sure you select to keep it visible, this is a friendly game. You have up to £50m to select a winning team – you can fine tune it as much as you like before the season start then you have a limited number of transfers. (all the rules are on the website)
  3. Elect to join a private league.
    • The league you join is Preston Guild Premier (run by Rtn John Ward) and the PIN is **email Sally for pin**
The fee to the Rotary club is £60 ($90), one payment only for the whole season. (Sally can arrange payment in £)

Half the fee goes to the Polio fund and the other half is redistributed in prizes at the end of the season.

Each year it raises around $1000 – and is a ton of fun, and you don’t even have to kick a ball!
For any questions, please contact Sally.