Today we were treated to a great Classification speech from Evelina. Tripta spoke about the reading challenge and we heard some news about Laura Tucker
January 14, 2011

Today we were treated to a great Classification speech from Evelina. We had one guest today, Peter Skakum. He recently moved here from Winnipeg, he loves the city and people and decided to move here because of this. There were a few happy bucks this week, Kathleen was happy to see Rotary public service announcements and Stella leaned some great things about Club Runner. Scott is happy to be back. Tripta had an announcement about the reading challenge in the month of March. The challenge will be between St. Pats and Spryfield, we provide books. Paul spoke about the work he is doing to help bring a Rotary Club to Sackville. We received an email from Laura Tucker, she has been doing a ton of traveling. Now we were able to hear all about what Evelina does. Evelina is the oldest of a family of 13 from Newfoundland. Education was important to her family while growing up. She took a course in Diagnostic Imagery (although at the time it was called X-Ray technology) She eventfully moved to Perth, NB, married, had two wonderful children, divorced, and moved to Halifax in 1991. At this time, she decided to go back to school. People asked her why? She said Why not? She took her Masters in Health Administration. Evelina eventually moved into Quality in Health care, which means "What are the standards? What can we do best for people who need good Health care?" Went through mergers, she said this can be challenging, different people coming together who have done things in different ways. Evelina said that she leaned so much about what goes on in a hospital and this surprised her as she worked in a hospital for years! A great deal of her new job was about Risk Management, process is incredibly important. Eventually Evelina had an opportunity to move to the Middle East to work with a new hospital there. Evelina does not shy away from new experiences so she jumped on this one. So she worked at a new Trauma Center in Dubai for 3 years. She told us about the differences working in a trauma center there vs. here. There are a ton of young people, ton of money, and lots of fast cars. Needless to say it was much busier there. As with her job here, she also had to work in an environment where there was a merger. Although Evelina is now retired she still works in Health Care and she really loves it! Barb won the draw this week, she did not pull the Ace.