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Rotary After Hours (RAH) – 
5:30-7pm on the 3rd Tuesday
September 2015, we began holding these RAH meetings once a month using a format that is designed to be even more accessible, informal, interesting and fun.  We meet as a smaller group (around 10 people), in a casual space (Humani-T Café, near the Hydrostone), and simply have coffee/tea and talk.
The one structured thing we do (we borrowed a little bit from the book club format) is we invite a special guest who is a bit of an expert in a planned topic of discussion and we spend 20 minutes or so on that topic.  For example: Oct 20, the day after the federal election, our guest was political scientist Dr. Louise Carbert and we talked about the election, what happened and why.  
A RAH meeting is another way to connect with our Rotary Club, whether you’re a Rotarian or not.  Join us at the next RAH if you’d like.  We’d be glad to have you.