The following information is for members who are about to join or have recently joined our club.
Updated Nov 2022
If you have any questions or need help and don't know who to contact, please email This email goes to the president, treasurer, secretary, and a couple of other folks here to help you.
ClubRunner is the online software we use to manage our club. It has many tools that make administration simple, but also tools to help you. A beneficial part of ClubRunner is its integration with Rotary International. This means many things you update in ClubRunner will also update with Rotary International.
You will receive an automated email from ClubRunner with a username and temporary password. At the very least, please log into ClubRunner to update your personal contact information. Members also enjoy using ClubRunner to email other members, view documents, and sign up for volunteering opportunities.
You can access ClubRunner from our website, Look for the Member Area button in the top right corner or any resources and tools in the Member Info & Tools menu.
ClubRunner also has an app that gives you access to basic member directory information.
Rotary International records gender information. Unless you have specified your gender to us, all new members are entered as "Prefer not to identify." When you log into ClubRunner, as explained above, you have the option to adjust your gender information to one of the following:
  • Male
  • Female
  • Another gender identity
  • Prefer not to identify
Rotary International’s website is full of valuable resources and tools. You can find their website at You can sign up for an account to access many of these tools and resources. Because ClubRunner is connected to Rotary International, please use the same email address. Once your membership is set up and synced, your access to Rotary International will show the correct information.
Rotary ID
When you join a Rotary or Rotaract Club, you are assigned a Rotary ID. This ID stays with you and follows you if you change clubs. If you have ever been a club member, you would have a Rotary ID. If you know that number, please let us know. If you don’t know this number, don’t worry, we can search the database. Your Rotary ID is essential to keep track of your Rotary experience, and duplicates can cause errors in record keeping.
We have a webpage explaining club dues here: You will receive an automated email soon regarding your dues. If you have questions about club dues or payment plans, or if you are under 30, please reach out to Clarke Paynter ( 
Continue Learning
Rotary International has tons of resources for new members here: