Halifax Harbour
Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary's University
903 Robie St
Halifax, NS B3H 3C2

All members are invited to this Winter Club Assembly. Assemblies are an important time to talk about the club, our vision, and brainstorm ideas for the future. Assemblies are less about day-to-day business and more about club strategy. Potential members may find assemblies valuable and are welcome.

This assembly will take place at Saint Mary's University.  We will gather at the main entrance of the Sobey School of Business, then head to Loyola L282.  If you are familiar with the campus, you may wish to go directly to that room.  Parking is free on campus in the evenings, or you may prefer street parking.  Here's a campus map to help guide you:  campus-map.pdf (smu.ca)

If you would prefer to join the assembly virtually, please follow these Zoom instructions:  https://rotaryhalifaxharbour.ca/page/zoom-links

Please click on the link below if you plan on attending in person so we can ensure the right amount of food and drink.  

Register: https://rotaryhalifaxharbour.ca/Volunteer/ManageVolunteerContacts?VolunteerSignUpId=b0e10f3f-809f-4ea7-9ca2-a094d727c261


What is a Club Assembly?
A club assembly is a meeting of all club members, including officers, directors, and committee chairs. Club assemblies are an opportunity to discuss the club's programs and activities and educate each other. Regular club assemblies that include all members ensure clear communication between club leaders and members.
I am not a member. Can I attend an assembly?
Yes. New and prospective members should attend the assembly to understand the club better.
Can I help with the assembly?
There are a couple of ways to help.
  • We want to improve engagement. Please reach out to your fellow Rotarians and remind them of this assembly. Let them know their input is essential, and we miss seeing them. Try giving them a call or email. We share this club and want it to be welcoming to everyone.
  • Remind your fellow Rotarians on social media about this important assembly. You can re-share posts from our club's social media channels.
  • Suggest discussion point to Jillian Gibson. Planning an assembly can be a lot of work. Help Jillian out with suggestions. We only have 90 minutes, but some suggestions can go a long way.
Is there a cost?
The club covers the cost of the space and some light refreshments. However, we will offer an option to help offset some of this cost for those attending in person.  This 'pay what you wish' option will be billed on your quarterly invoice.  Just let us know when you check in upon arrival.
Will there be food and drink provided?
Light food and drinks will be provided.
How long is the assembly?
The assembly is planned to be 90 minutes in duration.
I have a question, who do I contact?
You can send any questions to info@rotaryhalifaxharbour.ca.