Posted by Danielle Lemieux on Apr 21, 2024
This April, Rotary Halifax Harbour members rolled up their sleeves for a cause that goes beyond mere gardening—it's about growing community resilience and addressing food security. On a crisp Sunday morning, April 21, 2024, about 15 dedicated members gathered at Parker Street Food & Furniture Bank in the north end of Halifax. Their mission was simple yet impactful: install a vegetable garden to help the center grow fresh produce. Read on to see pictures...
A Day of Teamwork and Green Thumbs
The day was filled with the spirit of collaboration and community. Members worked alongside the Parker Street team, not only digging and planting but also sorting and packing pallets of fruits and vegetables. This hands-on effort was part of the broader Earth Fest, organized by the Ecology Action Centre, aiming to foster sustainable practices within the community.
Fresh Produce for a Fresher Tomorrow
The newly installed garden at Parker Street Food & Furniture Bank is a beacon of hope. It promises to supply the community with fresh vegetables, enhancing the nutritional value of food bundles distributed to families in need. This initiative is a step forward in tackling the pressing issue of food insecurity in our area.
Gratitude and Future Collaborations
Special thanks are extended to Americold Logistics, who generously donated ProMix nutrients to ensure that the garden has a healthy start. The success of this project was made possible by the enthusiastic participation of our members, who brought not only their gardening tools but also their green thumbs and big hearts.
Join Us Next Time
We believe that every little bit helps and that together, we can make significant strides in community welfare. This event was not just for our club members; friends, family, and the broader community were encouraged to join in. While the garden project was a hit, there were also indoor volunteering opportunities, catering to those who preferred to contribute in other ways at Parker Street.
This initiative is just the beginning. Rotary Halifax Harbour is committed to further collaborations with Parker Street Food & Furniture Bank and other organizations striving to make Halifax a better place. Stay tuned for more updates, and if you missed out this time, we hope to see you at our future events.
How You Can Help
Interested in helping out? Whether you have a green thumb or prefer to support from indoors, there are many opportunities to lend a hand. Volunteering with us is not just about giving back—it's about growing together. For more information on upcoming events and how you can get involved, visit our website and social media or contact us directly.
Together, we are planting seeds for a better tomorrow—join us in nurturing them to fruition!
Check out some pictures below or on our social media channels.